Website Costs

What are the costs associated with having a website?

Domain Registration - An annual fee, approx. $15/year, which gives you ownership of the domain name, e.g., "".  Some registrants offer 1st year deals. and Network Solutions may offer these deals, but then the charge for subsequent years is somewhere in the $10-$20 a year range.  It doesn't much matter with whom you register your domain, although some companies provide free domain names with their hosting plans, as we do.  It is convenient to have your domain registration and hosting through the same company.

Website Hosting – the "rental fee" charged by the company on whose physical equipment the website files resides The hosting company provides your usage of their server and software for serving up your website pages. These rental fees are typically approx.. $10/month and usually renew on at least an annual basis. There are many promotional hosting fees that are charged for your first year, and then convert to a standard fee after the initial term.  Our standard fee is $6.95/month which includes a free domain, although we may offer a special promotional rate at times. 

Website Development. The cost of designing, developing, and testing the website. This task might involve creating some custom graphics, and in some cases, some special software for custom data applications. These costs can vary tremendously depending on the complexity of the site in terms of the amount of content and the type of functions that the site needs to perform.  By using the Joomla Content Management Software, we can expedite this development, and thereby reduce the costs of creating the site.  Our typical range would be $300 for a simple 4-5 page site, which might include "about us", "services", "contact us", "google map", "hours" for example, up to approximately $2000 for a site with serveral functions like newsletters and subscriptions, e-commerce, events registration, etc.

Content Management.  For the continued maintenance and updating of content on your website, you can continue to incur charges for the life of the site.  Website development companies may charge a monthly or annual maintenance fee, or may charge services by the hour.   We specifically use the Joomla content management system to provide our customers the ability to maintain their own websites, so with us there is no maintenance contract.   With Joomla, it isn't necessary to know any web language or HTML coding to maintain a site.  Changes are made through an editor, which is much like using MS Word or a similar product.  Even if you would rather us make your changes, we can charge less and our efforts are much less by using the Joomla system.  Our standard charge for content management, if we perform the service, is $25/hour, billed to the quarter-hour.